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Turkey dinner








Tim and Maggie’s dining room and the table decorated all pretty.


Oh… someday I’ll have a dining room of my own.









A few years ago I was feeling creative and had to put out some cheese and crackers for everyone to snack on while dinner was finishing up. So I made a cheese and cracker turkey.

I think the little red thing is a red pepper and I really have no idea what the orange bits are. All I know is that my mom thought it was pretty funny and I was particularly proud of it. And this was all before I knew anything about Bento boxes! 😀



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I woke up this morning hoping today would be an easy day… of course only to be smacked in the face by the hand of reality.

For some reason unbeknownst to me (or our building manager) the hot water likes to come on full force in my shower for no reason. So I’ll be in the middle of a relaxing not too hot, not too cold shower and all of a sudden I feel like I’m being cooked! This is especially not fun when you’re probably going to be late for work.

So you stand there in the shower with the nozzle pointed away from you in a the tiniest shower stall ever made while turning the hot water slowly off so you don’t freeze yourself either.

Well I turned the hot water ALL the way off and it was STILL boiling. Grrr… so I rinsed my hair out quickly and started getting ready for work. Garry got in the shower right after me… it was fine. *sigh* I ended up not being able to rinse everything out of my hair… one of those days where I wish I had a cute hat to pull all my hair up into – or enough hair to just pull back into a bun.

So that was the start of my day.

And I KNOW I made chili over the weekend and it was REALLY good, but somehow I managed to forget to take pictures. 😦 I’m sorry folks. I can assure you it was very very good.

Rainbow Chili

2 tbs olive oil

1 zucchini – sliced

1 yellow squash – diced

1 red bell pepper – diced

1 jalapeno – diced

4 cloves garlic (I used one clove of elephant garlic) – minced

1 onion – chopped

1 can black beans – drained

1 can whole kernel corn – drained

1 can red kidney beans – drained

1 tbs chili powder

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (I used more than this)

1/2 C sour cream

4C vegetable stock (or 4C water with a veggie bouillon)

3/4 C brown rice

Sautee zucchini, squash, peppers, garlic and onion in oil until onions are clear

Add veggie stock or water mixture into pot, add veggies, spices and rice.

Bring to boil – reduce heat and simmer for 45 minutes – stirring occasionally.

We were lucky because our friend Jeremy came over for dinner and helped eat all of the food. 🙂 I love it when I don’t have a ton of left overs in the house. We served it with some crusty Italian bread – which goes really well with any kind of soup/chili/gumbo meal.


I’ve been doing the vegan thing for a while and I’m failing miserably. I can handle vegetarian, but I need eggs. I just love them. A few years ago I couldn’t stand much more than scrambled eggs, but now I have a love affair with Deviled Eggs.

I think it was Wednesday night when I was craving them so terribly bad. Garry got up and boiled 7 eggs (apparently he thought I was hungry) so I could make them for myself (he wasn’t a fan of them – which is good… because then there’s more for me!)

Deviled Eggs (the OMG I’m cravings eggs rightnow kind)

7 eggs – hard boiled

1/4 C mayo

1 tbs freeze-dried chives

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp minced onion

1/2 tsp salt


Take the shells off your eggs and slice them in half length-wise.

Scoop out all the yolk (I found it’s easier to pinch the egg a little and the yolk should almost pop out on it’s own) and mix with the mayo

Add in spices and mix until relatively smooth

Spoon back into the whites and sprinkle with paprika









YUM! Don’t they look tasty? Well apparently my cat thought so.










What a begger!! Oh okay… you can have some…









I nearly wet myself laughing so hard over this… He’s licking the egg yolk off my finger and Cloud looks like a little furry Tyrannasaurus Rex!! OH the giggles!!! So Garry grabbed the camera and started taking some pictures. Naturally I started singing the theme music from Jurassic Park through my fits of laughter.


















Thanks mom that was yummy!!








All the while Cid was passed out in the chair. Not even the smell of cooked egg yolk was enough to rouse him from his kitty nap. That’s just as well… it’s not like he needs the extra food anyway.

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Food glorious food…

Yesterday went rather well… I do have some pictures, but I won’t get to post them until Monday. Unfortunately I didn’t cook/bake anything for Thanksgiving this year – my aunt Maggie took care of all of that. Of course I also got so caught up in spending time with family that I never see that I completely forgot to take a lot of pictures – much to my mother’s dismay.

However, I noticed that my younger brother has put on a LOT of weight since I saw him last and even more so than since he was in high school (well don’t we all?). I’m glad that I’m giving them this cook book and now I’ll make sure that there are a lot of healthy recipes in there. This is even better because Lisa (my sister in law) was complaining to me about how she’s getting bored with cooking. Ha! A whole bunch of new recipes for her to try. Although my brother did mention that he won’t eat beans.

WHAT?! How can Tex-Mex be your favorite food and you don’t eat beans?!? That makes absolutely no sense.

Well, I’m hoping he’ll get over his bean phobia and start eating healthier. We all go through it – we graduate college, live on our own and it takes a while to figure out how to balance meals and eat healthy. At one point I was 2o0 lbs. For 5’5 that’s pretty chunky.

I’m not sure how much I weigh now – probably somewhere between 160-165. Not too bad, but I’d like to be around 140.

I also made the Rainbow Chili tonight – I’ll take some pictures of that too. Preliminary taste tests all say – YUM!

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Easter 1988-1989

I’m working on a cookbook for my brother and sister in law for Christmas and to help out – my mom sent me a ton of photos. Although I don’t really think she grasped the concept I came up with, but I got some really great old pictures out of it so I can’t complain.

Ideally I want pictures of food for recipes, but pictures of family sitting around the table enjoying food, or something with a holiday is good too. Something with a story that they can pass on to their children and so on and so forth.

My favorite two pictures are from Easter and I think  this one is 1988. I was 4 and my brother was almost 1








My grandma would be so thrilled I’m using this picture – she looks pretty good for being in her 50’s I would say! My brother and I were dying eggs for Easter. Naturally I was taking complete control of the situation, front and center with all the little cups of dye infront of me in a perfect little arc. Okay, I had tiny hands so I couldn’t really hold onto the eggs so well (I’ve always had small hands).

I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house. My parents lived right next door and it gave my mom an easy escape when I ran over there to help grandma with stuff – mostly baking. She would let me decorate cookies and help with a few things here and there around the house. When we moved in 1987 to West Virginia we would go up a few times a year to visit in their huge house. It was so big that my brother, my parents and myself were able to have separate guest rooms. Mine was decorate with peach calla lily curtains and bedspread with frilly white lace pillows and peach walls. Every time we visited there was always a small present of some sort on my bed.

On this trip I remember making cookies that were (literally) the size of my head and adding all kinds of colored sugars and sprinkles on top. I was a huge fan of sprinkles.

The next year (1989) we trekked up to our grandparent’s house again and this is one of those moments when I wish I was older at the time because I’m sure it would’ve been a lot funnier if I was like 10 years older.








Despite coming from a hunting family, my brother and I were pretty sensitive to caring for animals (we got that from our mom) and my grandma bought a cake in the shape of a lamb with coconut sprinkled all over it (YUM! I love coconut! I was so thrilled!). Well, when we set it on the table my brother thought it was a real lamb… and when we went to cut into it he started bawling uncontrollably. Of course instead of trying to console him we all started laughing hysterically… so much so that we all started crying. My grandma is holding my brother in her lap and you can see this is toward the end of the scene (apparently we were laughing too hard to even take a picture) and grandma is wiping tears from her eyes. My mom is trying to talk to him and let him know that it is just a cake and I (on the left corner) have a very mischevious grin on my face… maybe back then I knew this would be a good story years later.

Twenty years later my brother still won’t eat coconut…

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Hit by a truck

That’s what I feel like today. I have the distinctive tickle in the back of my throat that creeps up into my sinuses that signifies in about two days I’m going to feel terrible and that maybe I should’ve just stayed home today and drank a gallon of Throat Coat tea.

But, I came in… I knew it would be a busy day (relatively) and after I’m done here I’m going to the radio station to do 4 shows and then home to finish cleaning whatever Garry didn’t finish and then possibly make dinner for my brother and sister in law (although they never returned my call to let me know what time they were coming in so I have NO idea when they’re coming in town). But, at this point I’m hoping that Garry will do most of it. I know I’ve relied on him a LOT this week to take care of the household stuff, but I’ve been exhausted.

Hopefully I’ll feel well enough to make the Amish friendship bread tomorrow morning.

My boss said I looked like I had a cold this morning. I just said I was a little tired (HAHAHA!! I’ve had one cup of coffee and I still feel like I’m going to fall face first into my keyboard at any moment) and that I didn’t wear any makeup. That’s… kind of depressing that I look kind of ill without makeup on.

Everything went well last night however – although I got the picture back from our press conference and OMG I need to become friends with a treadmill – and fast! I look HUGE! Even after playing in Photoshop I couldn’t get over my hugeness. *sigh* Granted I was kneeling in a weird position, but Holy Hugeness Batman!

Soup… lots of soup over the holiday season. And I need to get into gear with training starting on Monday.

Speaking of – tonight I’m going to hopefully try and make the effort (or make Garry do it) to make the Sweet and Spicy Soup. I’ll hopefully get some good Thanksgiving pictures tomorrow as well and maybe if we’re lucky someone will kill something on the big hunting trip tomorrow. Not that I will eat it… but it would be a happy thing for them.

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After I got home from work last night Garry and I decided that we should go ahead and have Noodle Night last night instead of waiting until Wednesday. The next few days are crazy. So much so that I’m toatally abandoning any diet I have so I can just make it through the week without any more frustration.

Today I have a dr’s appointment right after work and we can maybe start figuring out what the heck is going on with me (or at least eliminate some possibilities). Then I have a press conference at 5 for my football team… and then I have to pick up a bottle of wine and my friend Dawn and finally go to our crazy ladies playdate! By then I will definitely need a glass of wine.

So needless to say there will be no cooking for me tonight.

The night before last (I know I’m jumping around, but I’m not sure if I’m really lucid yet) I had a panic attack while trying to go to bed so I didn’t end up getting to sleep until around 2. Got up, went to work (a really busy day at work too!) and came home and crashed.









I was exhausted… you can see it’s a “glasses off” nap. Apparently Garry thought it was hilarious because I started snoring and then Cid started snoring and we were alternating snores… thanks honey. (And no that’s ginger ale in my glass… not mead… we’re trying to figure out what to do with the mead bottle still)

After I passed out apparently Garry got kind of hungry and decided to make dinner. Man, I should nap more often! 🙂

Here’s our Noodle Night version of the Garbanzo Bean salad:

1 pkg Ramen noodles

1 can of garbanzo beans rinsed/drained

1/2 onion diced

1/2 onion sliced

4 stalks celery sliced

1 clove garlic minced

5 tbs tomato sauce (we just put what little we had left over in the pan)

1 tbs dill

black pepper to taste

Now I was only half awake when Garry made this so I’m not terribly sure how he did it – but this is my best guess.

Cook beans with onion, celery and garlic until onion is clear (I’m pretty sure he put a little oil in the pan). Add tomato sauce and cook on low for a few minutes.

Cook Ramen according to package directions. Toss together.








Okay it might not look that appetizing, but I almost forgot to take a picture – it was pretty beforehand. Surprisingly it was very tasty. Both of us were a little apprehensive – but we figured that since we like everything in the meal it should be good right?

Tomorrow my brother and sister in law are coming in town and are staying at Garry’s apartment. I don’t know if they’re going to come for dinner or not, so I have no idea what/how much I’ll be cooking. If they’re not coming I’ll probably make the Sweet and Spicy soup with black beans and sweet potatoes. Wednesday will be busy too as I still have to work, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get a half day at my main job and then I have 4 shows to record at the radio station before I can go home and cook all that food.

Thank gods we’re going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving this year…

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Cid is telling the story of how he caught “the Bat” that used to live in Garry’s apartment. I think this is where he imitates the noise the Bat made.

Actually sititng together in one spot! Progress!

Da dum… da dum… dada dada dada dada….

Snuggling with daddy (he seriously loves to be held… all the time… both of them)

Dad… you dropped something on the floor… it looks like food…


They make every day worth living. 🙂

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