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I’ve been contemplating on making home-made cleaning products for a while now. Not that I don’t love my Method brand cleaning products, but I love the money in my bank account more and I’d like to use it for something other than cleaning products.

Also, I’ve seen one too many episodes of the show “How Clean Is Your House” which I absolutely love. I adore Kim and Aggie and love their cheeky attitudes toward cleaning. Between that and “Clean House”, I’ve been looking for new, eco and wallet friendly ways to take care of my foolishness and mayhem (or in this case someone else’s foolishness and mayhem).

I’ve been experimenting with baking soda and vinegar lately (both of which I have in abundance right now) and was amazed to see all the cleaning products I could make with just those two products (and some warm water).

If you go to the website www.eartheasy.com you’ll find a ton of great home cleaning options that use mostly vinegar and baking soda.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of the smell of vinegar and to be honest, one of the reasons I like Method brand cleaning products is because they smell really nice.

However, I’m fortunate enough to have an herbalist as a close friend. I can learn how to make essential oils, tinctures and the like and use them in my cleaning as well. Hooray for me! (Or you know, I can just buy some essential oil from her if I’m feeling lazy).

Oh, speaking of my herbalist friend, she called and said that the Appocolyptic storm of doom is going to bring 2 feet of snow by Saturday. Awesome. Garry called to let me know he wanted to start moving everything today. Well, that’s fine with me, I guess… I don’t know. Sure. Why not. It all has to get done sometime right?

but that fridge is still really icky…

Anyway, back to our eco-friendly cleaners…

Here are a couple of recipes from the eartheasy website (with a few twists I added too if you like the frou-frou smelling stuff like I do)

First off, find some eco-friendly plastic spray bottles.  OR just reuse ones you already have once they’re empty (but make sure you wash them out completely).


All-purpose cleaner:

 ½ C white vinegar

¼ C baking soda (or 2 tsp Borax)

½ Gallon water

A few drops of your favorite essential oil  

Mix into spray bottle. Store and keep.

Bathroom Mold:

One part hydrogen peroxide

Two parts water

 Mix into spray bottle. Store and keep.

(wait one hour before rinsing or using shower)

Carpet Stain Cleaner:

 Light duty

One part white vinegar

One part water

 Heavy Duty

¼ C salt

¼ C Borax

¼ C vinegar

Make as needed. Rub paste on carpet and leave for a few hours, then vacuum.


 Choose a fresh herb (lavender, eucalyptus, juniper, sage, thyme or rosemary)

Simmer leaves and stems for 30 minutes in 2 C water

Strain and pour in spray bottle

 *add natural soap to make it cut through grease

 Furniture Polish: (for varnished pieces)

 A few drops of lemon oil

½ C warm water


Laundry Detergent

 1 C Ivory Soap (or Fels Napatha soap)

½ C washing soda

½ C borax

 (1 tbs for light loads, 2 tbs for heavy)

Bucket, jar or canister with a sealing lid

Scented Vinegar Rinse: for those of us that have to have clothes that smell like something other than just clean soap

1+ C white distilled vinegar

A few drops of your favorite essential oils or a few sprigs of your favorite fresh herbs

Glass or plastic bottle with a sealing cap or lid

Stainless steel cookware cleaner: (works like Bon Ami)

 4 tbs baking soda

1 qt water

Oven Cleaner:

 ¾ C baking soda

¼ C salt

¼ C water

 Make thick paste and spread throughout interior and let sit overnight.

Remove with spatula and wipe clean – use fine steel wool on tough spots

 (or use Arm & Hammer Oven Cleaner)

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

 ¼ C baking soda

1 C vinegar


2 parts Borax

1 part lemon juice

Window/Glass Cleaner:

½ tsp liquid detergent

2 tbs white vinegar

2 C warm water

(clean with crumpled newspaper or cotton cloth)

And now some Personal Care products:

I’ll be honest (today is all about honest I guess) I love to spoil myself with personal care products. I probably spend WAY too much money on those sorts of things ($10 for a thing of body scrub is the cheapest I’ve found and lets not even talk about what I spend for hair care products…) and it would be good to cut down the cost of that as well.

I found some recipes at this site: http://lifegetinit.greenmaplewellness.net/new/articles/article.html?artid=1425 and this site: http://allnaturalbeauty.us/hbr_mainpage.htm


Your favorite scented shampoo

1 oz bar of Castile Soap (grated)

Boiled distilled water

Your favorite herbs and essential oils

*Simmer grated soap in water for 5 minutes and add your herbs/fragrances

Chamomile shampoo

4 chamomile tea bags (or one handful chamomile flowers)

1/2 C boiled water

4 tbs pure soap flakes

1 1/2 tbs glycerin

*Steep tea bags or flowers in boiled water for 10 minutes, remove bags or strain flowers, add soap flakes and let soften. Add glycerin and stir well



Every day conditioner

Olive oil

Essential oil or herbs

*Mix both in a small container. Massage through hair and wash out

Conditioning mask

1 avacado

coconut milk

*Peel and mash avacado. Add coconut milk until consistency is similar to store-bought conditioner.

Rosemary Honey conditioner

1/2 C honey

2 tbs olive oil (warmed)

4 drops essential oil of Rosemary

1 tsp Xanthum gum

*Mix all ingredients in a small bowl, pour into bottle with stopper or lid.


3 tbs baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

2 tbs glycerin

20 drops peppermint extract

*Mix first three ingredients until stiff paste forms, add extract and stir. Store in an air-tight container


2 1/2 C distilled or mineral water

1 tsp fresh mint leaves

1 tsp fresh rosemary leaves

1 tsp anise seeds

*Boil water and add herbs. Let steep for 20 to 30 minutes. Cool, strain and bottle.

For larger quantities, add 1 tsp tincture of myrrh as a natural preservative

Face Mask

Apple face mask

1 tbs applesauce

1 tbs wheat germ

*Mix together to form a paste, apply to clean face and let set for 10-15 minutes, wash off face.

Avacado Carrot cream mask

1 avacado – mashed

1 carrot – cooked  and mashed

1/2 C heavy cream

1 egg beaten

3 tbs honey

*Combine all ingredients until smooth. Leave on face 10-15 minutes and rinse with cool water.

Balinese Papaya mask

2/3 C fresh papaya – mashed

15 oz can pure pumpkin

1 egg – beaten

*Cut papaya in half and scoop out seeds. Scoop out flesh into bowl and mash until smooth. Beat egg until frothy and combine with papaya. Add pumpkin mixture and whip together (or you can do all of this in a blender) Leave on face for 10 minutes.

Ginger Skin Creme

2 inch piece of ginger

2 tsp light sesame oil

2 tsp apricot kernal oil

2 tsp vitamin E oil

1/2 C cocoa butter

*Preheat oven on lowest setting. Grate ginger so you have 1/8 tsp ginger “juice”. Place ingredients (including grated ginger) in glass container and heat just until cocoa butter melts and oils are blended.

Yogurt Body Mask

1/4 C yogurt

3 tbs honey

3 tbs pureed pumpkin or pureed carrots

*Mix all three together in small bowl. Rub mixture on skin and take a warm bath for 10-20 minutes, rinse.

Thyme and Fennel Seed Cleanser

2 sprigs fresh thyme (crumbled) or 1/2 tbs dried thyme

2 tsp fennel seeds (crushed)

1/2 C boiling water

juice of half a lemon

Mix thyme and fennel seek in bowl and cover with boiling water. Add lemon juice and steep for 15 minutes. Strain and store in a jar.

Rose Bath

1 C rose petals

1/2 C coconut milk

*Draw a warm bath and add milk and rose petals

Salt scrub

3 C coarse sea salt

1 C oil (almond, canola or olive)

a few drops of your favorite essential oil

*Mix all ingredients in a bowl and add to an air tight container.


WOW! I know that’s a ton of info. But if you just copy and paste it into a Word file and leave it on your computer you have it right there (or you can make your own special “recipe” cards for it and keep them right in your kitchen).

Obviously, you should label everything you make homemade even if it is non-toxic. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to make fancy labels instead of just using a sharpie (although they work just fine as well).

Plus, you can make these as gifts for super cheap for family friends etc… and make pretty labels to give to them. Plus, if you put the directions and ingredients on the back, that will help other people to make and use environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products too! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!


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Yesterday I made an attempt to clean the kitchen so it’s ready for moving day (which may end up being delayed because of the impending Armageddon-like snow storm that’s supposed to hit us). Normally cleaning a kitchen isn’t a big deal for me (and I planned on cleaning a few other rooms yesterday too) but this ended up being one of the most daunting cleanings ever.

I started slow with the new countertop and sink. I stained the side panel as well. Now it’s all ready to be polyurethened! Then onto dusting the cabinets. At that point I wish I had my trusty little hand-vac, but (of course) it was at home. The top of the cabinet apparently had plants (at one point) because there was so much dirt and what I figured was soil on top. Ew!

Now the cabinets are polished, disinfected and ready to put dishes and what not in.

The window was next.

Now, These windows weren’t the worst I’ve ever seen (which made me instantly thankful), but they did need some scrubbing. I bought a huge gallon jug of distilled white vinegar and a few boxes of baking soda. Honestly, the BEST cleaner ever! On the plus side, it’s also environmentally safe and non-toxic! Not to mention cheap.

So I sprinkled a little baking soda in the grooves of the window and poured a little vinegar on top. After it was done fizzling (and I watched all the dirt and dust loosen up) I took my little sponge and cleaned it up, finishing with a paper towel.

SO much better!

The windows were another story. I used the Method brand glass and window cleaner. I like Method brand because the products are non-toxic, smell nice and are environmentally friendly. But, I haven’t used the products on HUGE clean up jobs like this before, and those windows were pretty dirty. As far as regular window cleaning I imagine they’d be just fine (always have been for me), but when I went to clean the outside of the window (which was so much fun with the cold wind and rain hitting my arm as I stood from a chair in the kitchen) it didn’t really do the trick completely – there were still a bunch of streak marks.

I took some vinegar and put it on a paper towel and that helped a bit. Honestly, I think I just need to find a better way to reach the windows that doesn’t involve me climbing out onto the fire escape (that thing is scary!). For now one window is almost completely clean and the other is clean… at least on the inside.

Some furniture polish helped get the grime off of the molding (which will be replaced anyway, but for now I figured I’d give it a good clean) and WOW! I couldn’t believe how filthy it was! Ew!!

Then, after I got nice and limbered up with some of the easy cleaning, I moved on to the fridge…

*cue orchestral score for impending doom*

I looked opon the old rusted fridge with it’s missing door handle and crusted grease drips shrouding it’s vertical plane. I knew this was a fool’s task, that someday soon the ancient appliance would be banished to the basement below, making way for a shiny, energy efficient model, but like the stubborn fool that I can be, I pressed onward in my task to clean my kitchen.

Man, too bad movie trailer guy isn’t around to read that last paragraph! With that movie score… that would sound awesome! And be totally silly… Maybe Dave would do it for me… lol!!!

Okay, I drank my coffee too fast apparently. Back to the story.

This is where I decided to break out the heavy duty stuff, well at least as far as what I had on hand at the time.

I made a paste with baking soda and warm water and scrubbed the side of the fridge. That seemed to work in getting the grime off nicely, but the grease still remained. Grr. I was starting to get tired (it was nearing 7:30 at this time) so I figured some research would serve me well and save me some frustration in removing the grease.

And then I moved on to trying to clean the wall behind the oven. THAT my friends, is a sight to be seen. Words cannot describe the greasy disgustingness that is harbored on that wall…

After scrubbing with my baking soda paste for about 5 minutes, I realized that it was futile and decided that sanding the wall will be the only way to really get rid of it. (Which, of course, will be left for another day when we’re ready to paint – I was really getting tired at this point)

But, I did clean the back of the oven, which was caked in dust and cat hair (probably what my oven looks like right now – only this oven is at least easy to move so I can clean behind it, unlike mine) so now it’s clean and… well not really shiny, but clean enough. Maybe I’ll get in there and scrub it this weekend if I’m feeling up to it, but for now it’s not dusty and gross.

I tried to tackle the grease again and still failed. *sigh* I cleaned the oven top and sides as best as I could (for the moment) because I was REALLY tired and REALLY thirsty and I still don’t quite trust the water there yet (and I didn’t have anything clean to drink out of).

After a quick sweep and mop of the floors I was ready to go home. At least I managed to accomplish something yesterday. The kitchen is almost clean to my liking. The inside of the fridge… well… is frankly disgusting. Garry is in charge of disinfecting it. The inside of the oven needs to be cleaned as well, which I’ll take charge of that.

Today, maybe I’ll get the bathroom cleaned. Although I think I’ll stop and get some rubber gloves first. That bathtub is seriously disgusting. Garry only has one class today so I’m hoping he’ll get some work done on the place before I get out of work. It would be nice to have some help today and get a bunch of things accomplished. That would make me a happy Amy.

Goals for today:

Bathroom cleaned

Outsides of oven and fridge cleaned (inside of fridge too)

Guest room organized

Floors mopped

I think those are all do-able goals for today. Especially if Garry manages to do some of them before I get there.

Oh, and as a side note – we switched the cat’s litter over to Yesterday’s News brand from your average clay and clumping litter. At first I was a little skeptical and memories of cleaning puppy pens full of pee-soaked newspaper rushed back into my mind, but we’ve had the litter for a few days now and there’s no smell (there isn’t a fragrance or an unpleasent smell either) and it doesn’t track a lot either. Our cats have made it priority #1 to fling as much litter out of the box as possible. And to be honest, I do not think there is a contraption out there that will completely prevent litter tracking.

But, at least with Yesterday’s News, the litter is in pellet form and can be easily swept up, unlike most clay litters that manage to get dust and grossness everywhere. Inevitably, in the middle of the night when either Garry or I gets up to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom or whatever, we end up with cat litter or cat litter dust on our feet and crawl back into bed. (our bedroom is right next to the bathroom which houses our cat box) Now, sleeping with a bed sprinkled with cat litter is NOT my idea of sleeping in comfort, so we’re looking to eliminate that – especially when we move.

So for a moment I’d like to sing the praises of Yesterday’s News. Not only is it made from environmentally safe de-inked newspaper (clay litters are hard on the environment twofold, you have to first mine for the clay, and second the clay doesn’t decompose so it takes up TONS of space in landfills), but it’s easy to clean up what gets kicked or tracked out and it’s rather affordable too in comparison.

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Taunting Cid

I think Garry and I were both pretty tired last night. We brought home the box our bathroom vanity came in so we could back some clothes and blankets in it and (of course) the cats were all sorts of excited that there was a new toy available for them.

At first, one of our plastic bins was stacked on top of the box. Cloud was trying to peer through a little hole and it was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down on him. Why didn’t we move the plastic bin right away? I dunno, because we’re mean parents I suppose. Either way, it was funny to watch him run at a fast pace. He needs the exercise.

So then Cid decided he wanted to be in the box. Or Garry decided to put him in there for fun, I’m not really sure which (don’t worry, the box didn’t have a top on it!)

Well Cid is a fat, lazy cat. He was meowing because he wanted out of the box. Well, the box isn’t even as high as our bed and he could get out on his own, but, like I said, he’s a fat, lazy cat and wanted someone to come rescue him.

Well we figured with enough motivation he could do it himself. And the only thing that motivates Cid is food.



Here’s a little treat Cid


One treat didn’t work, so we tried the entire bag. Looks like he’s interested.

SEE! I told you he was lazy! Instead of jumping out of the box to get the treats, he just thought he could get it with his paw.

Needless to say this went on for a while. Garry was giggling and I was laughing and poor Cid probably thinks we’re the meanest, cruelest, most horriblest mommy and daddy in the world. Well, it took putting food in the food bowl for him (and subsequently hearing Cloud pitter patter over to the bowl) for him to jump fanatically out of the box and run to the food dish.

Cloud did tricks for treats too. He’s such a good boy… when he’s not waking me up at 3am and knocking the trash can over because there’s chicken fat in there and his fatty pants brother ate all the food in the bowl.

All of us are on a diet when we move into the new place. (Of course after the obligatory offering of pizza and beer to the movers)

Speaking of – I made calzones last night. I originally had spinach artichoke calzones planned, but realized I forgot the artichoke. Garry didn’t want just spinach so I made bacon and proscuttio calzones instead. I know… so healthy. They were really tasty too! Not terribly huge (not like what you’d get in a restaurant) but still quite filling. I should’ve put some seasoning in them, but I left them plain. Definitely could’ve used some garlic powder in the crust though… Sorry, no pictures. But, I can give you the recipe (and what I would do differently this time around)

Bacon and Proscuttio Calzone – serves 2

1 pkg Betty Crocker pizza dough mix

1/2 C water

1/2 C ricotta

2 handfulls of your favorite pizza blend cheese

6 pieces of bacon (cooked and crumbled)

2 or 3 pieces of proscuttio (chopped)

*1/2 pkg chopped spinach (thawed)

*1/2 tsp garlic powder

*dash of salt

*a couple shakes of black pepper

Preheat oven to 400F

Cook the bacon to crispy and let drain on a plate covered with a paper towel

Follow directions on the pizza dough mix package. (All you do is add water to the mix and stir – not hard)  

Here is where I would’ve added the garlic powder to the dough. Go ahead and do that, or not, you don’t have to.

Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray

Flour your hands and divide your dough in half then spread dough out into two circles (not too thin otherwise the fillings will ooze out)

Mix together ricotta, cheese, spinach, salt, pepper, the crumbled bacon and the chopped proscuttio.

Spoon half of the mixture onto one half of each circle.

Fold dough and pinch seams to create the calzone pocket with the fillings inside.

Bake for 15 to 18 minutes.

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Small strides

While small strides are good, big strides are what is needed.

I totally forgot my list of things I needed to do for moving week at work, so I forgot half of what I wanted to do. But, I did manage to get something done, and Garry, well he got some stuff done too.

We still need to finish the baseboard molding, but that’s not going to happen until Friday apparently. It’s mostly cut (I think) and just needs to be nailed in. I think I’m going to just keep buying him tools for his birthday/holidays because we’re always in need of them. (ie this time, it’s a stud finder)

But, here are some shots of our progress: 



This is all the stuff from Garry’s apartment. I know it looks like a lot, but really it wasn’t. Most of it is organized and that big pile of bins in the back – that’s all camping gear that went in the living room closet until we get around to airing it out for this next camping season.

After clearing away some stuff and moving things around, I finally got my mother’s chair and ottoman put into place. Personally, I’m thinking of reupholstering the thing – the bones are AWESOME, but the batting is definitely wearing away on the arms. It would be worth it if I can figure out how to do it myself. (Good thing Garry has a friend that does it for a living – he can come over and drink beer and tell me what to do. For some reason I learn better that way.) 




Garry’s office is looking a LOT better. Actually, it’s pretty much done. The books are in the bookshelves (organized even!) with a few tchotchkies on there. All he needs to do now is move his computer desk and computer in there, get an area rug, switch plates, and some curtains and he’s all set. (Well, artwork would be good too, I’m still working on that for him)


The TV nook! I love it! It fits perfectly! Now all we have to do is dust off the appliances and hook them up! A slight problem – we do have a surround sound set and I don’t think we’re going to hook it up (even though I think maybe we should since we have drop ceilings which would make it pretty easy). For now we’ll put it away in a closet. Garry wanted to sell it, but I figured that when we buy a house we will want one – so we might as well keep it for now (it’s not like those things are cheap!). Besides, we have plenty of closet space.

And my lovely sink cabinet! This is with only one coat of stain on it! Doesn’t it look beautiful? I love how it shows the grain of the wood. I’m still figuring out what kind of pulls I want and if I want to do another coat of stain. It looks so lovely as is I’m worried that a second coat will take away the grain of the wood. But, then again it would probably look more contemporary with a darker stain. Hmm… if I’m going to do it, I’ll have to do it today so I can get the poly on there before we move in.

I also cleared a space next to the oven and put Garry’s old sofa table next to it so we can have somewhere to put our microwave until we can get our other base cabinets which I’m hoping will be in the next month or so. It will cost $259 to finish the base cabinets (excluding the lumber we need to build a box for the countertop to go on by the oven).

But $259 more for a fully functional kitchen? Not too bad.

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Oh Universe, why must you play terrible tricks on me?

It’s moving week, and as I scramble around the apartment to figure out what “last minute” things need to be done, the list keeps getting longer and longer. You would think by now moving, for me at least, would almost become second nature. I’ve been a perpetual gypsy for the last 5 years – packing and unpacking, setting up shop in a weekend, but ready to move on if need be in the blink of an eye.

Well, maybe not a blink of an eye, but pretty darn quick if need be.

But, despite having packing and moving down to a science, it still ends up stressing me out to no end. The unpacking and organizing isn’t the hard part, I actually enjoy that part. It helps to take stock on what I actually need as opposed to what I own. Sometimes I’ll pack and realize “I completely forgot I owned this for the last year” and realize that I don’t need to hold onto it. OR on the flip side I’ll come across something and think “Holy crap! I was wondering where this was!” Or “I thought I thew it out! Good thing I didn’t because I need it now!”

For example – I had a red bin full of dishes and some kitchen stuff that I was going to give away. In there was a dining set, service for 8 that my family had when I was a kid. My mom gave them to me because I had been so fond of them (and I needed dishes when I moved out). I packed them away when I bought heavier stoneware (only a service of 4 though) and one of my plates chipped.

I was so delighted to see my old plates and mugs from childhood because I was ready to go out and  buy a whole brand new service for 6 or 8 of just plain white and glass dishes. My childhood plates aren’t very fancy. Just plain round with a light dusty blue and brown ring around the rim. Funny enough, it matches my kitchen. 🙂 But I remember eating off of them until we moved to Binghamton.

Raine and Jeremy met up with my Friday night at the new apartment to help with a few odds and ends. Mostly just to keep me company while I do a few little things since Garry was out of town in Horseheads visiting some friends. That’s when I found the plates (as I was sorting through bins and putting things in their correct location) and I said to Raine “This is one of the very few things I still have from my childhood.” Most people my age have toys, or their baby blanket (seriously?! For some reason that bothers me a little that people my age still sleep with their baby blankets) or some other little trinket. My collection is very small and most of them are very useful (which is why I’ve kept them).

*Service for 8 (plus a plastic Paddington Bear plate)


*Cigar box (used for a few pieces of keepsake jewelry – also from my childhood incliding a panda comb my grandmother got in China)

*Heart-shaped cameo box (used for jewelry and loose change)

*Mom’s bedside faerie lamp with stained glass leaf (Umm… why wouldn’t I want it!? It’s gorgeous!)

*A small box of paperwork, school records etc (which needs to be better organized once I can purchase a filing cabinet)

*A small collection of dolls from different countries (my grandmother was/is an international traveler and used to bring dolls back for me)

To be honest, a few of those dolls I may sell. A few of them are a tad bit creepy and to be honest, I’m not so sure I want to hang on to them anymore. The one from Japan I absolutely love (always was my favorite) but, as far as the others, I’m not so sure. That will be something to mull over in the next few months. I can always take pictures of them to keep the memory of them if I suddenly become attached to them.

So most of it is useful stuff. The paperwork I think needs to be kept for records (well some of it at least) and the dolls I’ll deal with when things calm down a bit.

Not too bad I don’t think.

Anyway, Friday I spent the evening putzing about organizing everything from Garry’s apartment. All his books are in a bookshelf – YAY! and everything except his computer desk is situated. That’s always a good thing. I mopped the floors (twice!) and there is still quite a bit of dust that won’t come up when you mop. *grumble* Sometimes I wish Garry would just wait for me to do stuff that involves cleaning (again, details…), but since he had already mopped there wasn’t much I could do except keep mopping until it all comes up. *sigh*

I ended up moving the tv and stand over in the corner I wanted, and the chair and ottoman to (sort of) where I want it. Final placement will depend largely on how the couch is going to fit in the space.

Raine and I also put the first coat of stain on the sink cabinet. It looks lovely. I’m thinking another coat or two plus a coat of poly will suffice. Basically whatever we can finish before we move in. Today I’ll do another coat while Garry works on the molding. Then I can putty the cracks where the piecese of molding meet. Tomorrow I can paint the molding white, stain another coat and, keep your fingers crossed, I’ll need to clean the tub and the counter top in the kitchen. THAT will be interesting.

It’s going to be a while before the room is finished. I don’t want Garry to feel guilty and feel the need to use his GI Bill money (which should be going into our IRA for our house!) to satisfy my need for nice things. Really, I’ve lived two years without a dining room table, I think I’ll manage a few more months.

I’m having a bit of a freakout over money today. Why can’t I just be relaxed and calm? Why do I have to be a nervous wreck over every stupid little problem that comes up? Why can’t I just take a deep breath tell myself it will be okay and just move on? Why is it that every insignificant issue makes me feel like we’re heading toward our financial doom?! Why!?

Maybe I do need to be medicated.

I know we’re not in financial dire straits, I just want it all to be managed effectively. I don’t want 4 or 5 years to pass and say “Damn, I wish we would’ve made better decisions!” (you know, like I am now) I’d like to learn from my mistakes.

Oh, Garry just called and said the mechanic lost the only key we have to the Jeep and he has to get the VIN and have a new one made, but not to worry, we don’t have to worry about that.

AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just… I can’t even… For the love of all things good and holy I need a punching bag.

Now I know why I played football, to get rid of all this pent-up ridiculousness.

I just need to calm down. We’re not in dire straits financially. Really, we’re not. Everything is fine. It won’t be as “hard” as I think it’s going to be. Really. It will all be okay. Just, we might not be able to go to Disney.

Here’s my problem with that. It’s actually kind of stupid.

If we go to Magic Kingdom not only would it be something fun to do, but it would be so romantic and wonderful if Garry proposed at Cinderella’s Castle.

Okay, go ahead and laugh. The big beastie football player in me does have a girlie romantic side.

Besides, I know it’s not going to happen. Why? Because I’d expect it, and Garry is bent on doing something that I won’t expect. *sigh* Oh well. Besides, there’s no way he’ll have enough money in time and all of that nonsense so I should just forget about it in the meantime.

So do we need to go to Disney? No. It’s actually probably better that we don’t so I don’t end up walking by Cinderella’s Castle and be disappointed when nothing happens. I should just put it out of my mind because the more I dwell on it the more disappointed I’ll be. I should just focus on having a good vacation and a good visit with my family.

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I think I forgot to post this the other day…

My very beautiful and lovely kitchen sink. Words just can’t express…

I’m probably going to stain it this afternoon. If I was feeling REALLY ambitious (and knew someone else that knew how to do molding) I’d go ahead and do the base molding in the bedroom as a surprise for Garry. Why? Well, mostly because I’m a little anxious to move now. Weird I know.

At this point I really just want to get it done and over without having to do it. I don’t like the “moving” part of it all. I don’t mind the unpacking and organizing though. I actually really like doing that. Which is why this week I plan on organizing everything in the apartment so when we move all my stuff in, it’s already somewhat organized and ready to go. Sounds like a good plan right? Yeah, I think so too. Will the plan work? Um, maybe?

At the very least, I can get some stuff moved around and put into closets today. It’ll be a while before we paint anymore walls, so for now I can focus on organizing. I just wish that damn molding was done so I can put the bed in there!!!

Or maybe I’ll just put it in there anyway and Garry can work around it. That might be what I do, why? Well, because I just want to get things in there to look like some semblance of normal. I’d like to wake up tomorrow and all the projects be magically done and to my liking, my stuff all moved, cleaned and put away to my liking and even some tasteful decor finished.

Garry won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon. My guess it will be early evening when he comes home and he’ll be too tired to do the molding. Maybe I’ll go ahead and start moving furniture around this afternoon so I can get to and unpack some of the plastic bins so I can move some stuff myself tomorrow (since I’ll have nothing better to do).

Plus, the floors need a good mop. I’m not sure how Garry thought in his head that just mopping with water was going to clean all the dust off of the floors. *sigh* I know he means well, but sometimes I just don’t think he thinks things through. There are parts of the molding where he didn’t measure correctly before he cut, and well, let’s just say I have to get creative with the wood putty (which I should get this weekend and possibly tackle that project on Sunday).

As far as food goes, it’s going to be interesting this week. I’m going to need to throw out a lot of what’s currently in the fridge. (I really don’t want to use the skanky fridge at the new apartment! It’s gross!) I’m not planning on keeping *much* in the fridge for now because it’s really skanky and I’d like to get a new one. That probably won’t happen until after we get back from Florida.

So much to do today… so little ambition to get it done…

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Yesterday afternoon I arrived at the apartment and there was STUFF! I was so thrilled I couldn’t even stand it! Garry’s office is just about done. All we need to do is clean up the molding and add switchplate covers. (And move his computer in there) Then when we get around to it, we can hang the curtain rod, throw on some curtains, slip cover the chair and VOILA! (Of course there will be artwork too, but we’ll get to that eventually)

The color scheme he’s going for is dark royal blue, maroon and white. His bookshelves are a natural wood color (like pecan colored). What sucks is that we have a maroon chair, but it’s part of my living room set and the chair my mother gave us doesn’t match the couch (shape wise). Well, maybe we can make it work with the slip covers. But, for now we have it in there (probably until later today when I decide to move it) At least it’s one less slip cover to buy right? (But one more ottoman, *sigh* oh well)

So otherwise everything is going well. The very last couple of things we need to do is reinstall the vent grates, install the base molding in the bedroom, install a new shower head (and fix the water temperature situation), stain and poly the sink cabinet (much easier to do without cats around and when we don’t have to smell it) and clean up the spare room so kitties don’t get into anything or get a splinter or something.

We have a week to do it. It won’t be too bad either. As soon as the molding is done (tomorrow hopefully) we can spend the day Sunday unpacking and organizing everything from Garry’s apartment so it’s a little less chaos when we move my stuff in next weekend.

The bedroom is finished being painted. I forgot to take a picture yesterday, but I’ll make sure to get some when I’m there this afternoon. It looks really nice. The white chair rail will really look lovely when we get it up. Now how to configure painting the dressers… I really should do that before we get all our clothes and everything back in there huh?

After we move in we’ll have a ton of ongoing projects:

In the bathroom:

Finish wallpapering and painting next to the shower (that includes sanding down and repainting the built in cabinet too)

Install vanity mirror

Paint the ceiling

Install crown molding

Fix light fixture

Install threshold

In the kitchen:

Wash and paint the walls (they are seriously gross)

Install/stain base cabinets and counter top

Install backsplash

Stain and mount wall cabinets

Sand and repaint the window molding

Replace light fixture

Install threshold

In the dining room:

Install base molding

Sand and repaint window molding

Clean front door

Paint ceiling

Replace light fixture


Install chair rail

Install window molding

Paint closet

Install closet organizer

Install tension rod and curtain (for door to closet)

Fix/Paint ceiling

Install crown molding

Replace light fixture

Guest room:

Paint walls

Fix/Paint ceiling

Shampoo carpet

Install base molding

Sand/paint window molding

Paint closet

Install tension rod and curtain (for door to closet)

Replace light fixture


Fix/paint ceiling

Replace light fixture

Living room:

Replace light fixture

Front balcony:


So a lot of projects for the spring and summer. Hopefully we’ll get it all done in time before we get our little puppy!!

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