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Too many cooks

I finally really learned the meaning of the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” yesterday.

Garry and I had my friends Pam and Rick over for dinner last night. I felt a little bad for Garry seeing as Pam is my ex-boyfriend Dylan’s mother and she works for our sister station in a neighboring city (there was a lot of chat about work, Dylan and my other ex – Dave – that works at the other station as well) but, more importantly she’s a dear friend of mine and is really like  a second mother.

Garry was getting a little impatient with my speed of getting dinner prepared so he went in the kitchen and started dinner. I was making asparagus carbonara (one of my favorite recipes) and I realized it’s definitely a meal that is best made when only 1 person is making it.

First off – I made an ENTIRE box of pasta. Yeah. That’s a lot of pasta. We needed maybe half of that. Once the pasta and asparagus were finished cooking and drained Garry was like “ok what do we do now, ok what’s next…” (which DRIVES ME UP THE WALL when he does it!) and – as always – I got a little flustered and just started throwing everything in instead of paying attention to what I should’ve been doing.

Well, it ended up that I put the entirety of the eggs into the mix (you’re only supposed to use the yolk) and Garry had turned the pan on before I needed it so it was hot and the eggs IMMEDIATELY started cooking before it could coat the pasta. I tried to throw some more wine in there to loosen it up, but to no avail.

The meal was okay. It was edible, but sometimes I just need to cook alone in order for the meal to turn out how it needs to turn out.

If you’d like to check out the recipe for Asparagus Carbonara, you can find it here.

Overall dinner was good and Garry made ice cream pie for afterwards (one of my favorite summer-time desserts) and it’s really easy to make. It’s a pre-made (or if you’re feeling ambitious you can make it yourself) pie shell (usually we use an Oreo shell), take some ice cream (a pint is usually enough) and soften it (usually right after you get home from the grocery store is a good time to do this because then it’s already soft), fill the pie shell to capacity and then even out the top so it’s nice and flat. THEN take some of the Magic Shell topping and cover the ENTIRE top of the pie with magic shell. Put it back in the freezer to solidify.

Yeah, it takes all of 5 minutes to make, but it is soooo good. We make it every year for my birthday (it’s in August so it’s always too hot to bake a cake) and have it with Chinese take-out.


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Ooooh it was really good folks. At first I was a little wary that it might be a little odd tasting (honey and broccoli?) but it was really good… like Chinese food kind of good. Mmmm… Tonight is CLN and I’m making Taco Salad. YUM! It’ll be good! I’m wondering what everyone else is bringing?…

 Today I get to pick up my book! YAY! I’m really excited about it! It’s called Virgin Mother Crone and it’s about pre-hellenic Hera and how the matriarchal society that worshipped her was overcome by the patriarchal society of Olympian (read: Zeus) worship. Hera’s following was so great that the patriarchs couldn’t convince them to abandon her (she was considered a triple goddess by these people) so in order to justify Zeus’ power – the myth says that Zeus raped Hera and then they were married.

It wasn’t that Hera was a spiteful shrew – I can imagine most of us would be pretty pissed off if our siginificant other’s cavorted about impregnating anything with two legs – so I don’t fault her on that. It was a patriarchal society that villified her in order to gain control over the masses. See, they even used religion for control back in the old days.

But this book has a lot of research on pre-hellenic Hera and how she was worshipped in her original form – as a triple goddess. I’m very excited to read it!

Last night Garry and I cleaned the house like mad for when people come over today. Still got a bit to do – but not too much. A few dishes and mop the floors. I doubt people will be venturing into my bedroom or Garry’s office.

It’s nice when the apartment is nice and clean. I’m looking forward to repainting the living room and dining room. I realized we have WAY too many colors going on and I’d like it to feel more cohesive.

OH! Something else – check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSxQN2E_FPM&feature=PlayList&p=43D6F41398C168BC&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1

OMG SO MUCH HOTTNESS!!!! It’s like watching Chris Issak sing Wicked Game… *drool*

I think I’m going to change gym memberships here soon. I currently am a member at Planet Fitness. While I like the facility – there is never anywhere to park when I want to go. Sure it’s open 24 hours a day, but the other 23 hours I’m not there must be empty because EVERYONE seems to be there right at 4pm when I want to be there.

So I’m thinking of joining Court Jester – which is the gym to be a member of around here. They have a pool, sauna, hottub, plus a TON of classes. I think it would be good to swim. I’ve been feeling the need to swim lately. It’s $28 a month – only about $10 more a month. Not bad. I think it’s worth it! Plus there’s two locations so if one is full I can always go to the other one. Not a bad idea huh? That’s what I thought. I need to lose like 40 – 50 lbs. Seriously – it’s not cool – and I don’t want to yo-yo anymore on it and I don’t want to end up on a plateau at 160 like last time. Oh, and I’d like to do it by the end of the year. Yeah, I know – that means 2lbs a week. Whee.

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Well, I can safely say that we made it through Beltane without too much craziness this year. On average we have this HUGE issue with people fighting over our list-serv right before and this year, either I was blissfully unaware of it – or by some odd chance of fate – it never happened. AND we’re in a Mercury Retrograde? I am a little confused, but delighted nonetheless.

It was HOT outside all weekend, which I’m glad it was nice and warm so I wouldn’t freeze, but I definitely wasn’t ready for 80’s. I wore a gauze sundress which was helpful, but I never needed my insanely warm clothes that I brought. (And at some point in the weekend I usually do need them) Weird.

It all went well, Garry gave up his May King crown and I think for him there was a little sadness, but either way it was good for him to finally let go of that energy.

We didn’t eat much while we were there, but I’ll say that making the chocolate covered strawberries was a GREAT idea. WOW I had never seen a group of people so excited about fruit before! I’ll definitely make it a point to bring that more often.

I ended up doing more henna designs on some of my friends and on my hands. I don’t have pictures of those either. Sorry folks.

We had some great wine that we made last Mabon with our friend Raine. I’m happy to say that I still have most of the bottle left too! Meaning I can enjoy some again tonight!

I hurt my wrist while playing my bodhran for a few hours Friday night. I wrapped it and then played for a little while on Saturday. I just wasn’t feeling it on Saturday for some reason. Not a lot of people were dancing… well then again I’m usually the one dancing…

My arms still hurt quite a bit today. :-/ That really sucks a lot since I have tons of cleaning to do before I host Crazy Lady Night tomorrow night and unpack my car. Garry (fortunately) said he’d help out and clean the bathroom and the stove (which he was supposed to do a week ago).

So the highlight for me (well outside of ritual) was when we were placing the Maypole in the hole and our fiddle player was playing the opening chords to that song… you know… the one for the 2001: A Space Odyssey and then my friend Ulric started playing the drums on his bodhran… lol it was pretty funny… we had a good chuckle over it.

Tonight dinner will be light I imagine – I have chicken sausages so what to do with that? Hmm…

Honey Almond Chicken Sausage Pasta (this should be interesting!)

Chicken sausages (1 per person)

Angel hair pasta (2 servings)

Crushed almonds (1 palm full)

2 tbs honey

dash of salt (for pasta water)

1 head broccoli chopped and steamed

We’ve had honey on our pasta instead of thick sauces before so this might be pretty good. It’s a good combo of salty and sweet and if you only use a tablespoon it’s less calories and fat than traditional sauces.

We also happen to have some frozen broccoli that needs to be used up. We’ll see how it works out – I’m hoping it’s good.

Slice chicken sausages and cook in pan until browned

Cook angel hair pasta as normal

Steam broocoli

Crush almonds w/ mortar and pestal (if not already crushed)

Mix pasta, meat, and broccoli together – add honey.

Sprinkle almonds on top.

Tomorrow for CLN I’ll be making one of my favorites: Taco Salad only with black beans (we have some vegetarians in the mix and I’ve made it with beans before and it was pretty good. I need to wash all my bowls and plates so I have plates for everyone and bowls to put some of the toppings in. Someone is bringing margarita mix and I’m not sure what other people are brining – but it’s almost Cinco de Mayo so I figured that kind of theme would be good.

Which reminds me – I need to go shopping after work today.

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Not 100%

On Sunday I planned a fairly simple meal of pasta with roasted red peppers, garlic and olive oil. Sounds easy huh?

Well, the water was boiling and cooking the pasta and I decided to cook the red peppers and the garlic in my frying pan. All was well and good, but I wanted the peppers to brown. Apparently garlic cooks a LOT faster than peppers do (something I should’ve known because how many times have I cooked garlic and peppers in a pan…) and the next thing I knew the garlic was burnt crispy and black as coal.

I figured I’d still give it a go and I finished adding the olive oil (which the recipe called for WAY too much of , I’m sorry, but 1/2 C of oil is a LOT) and thought at least I’d try it.

Garry and I sat down and there was a simultaneous “ick” and decided that we really weren’t that hungry anyway and had a 1/2 of sorbet and a small bowl of spiced popcorn.

Note to self: Cook peppers first, then add garlic.

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