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Catering to your needs

One of the big hurdles in figuring out or wedding plans is catering. I didn’t want to feel resigned to marinated chicken and baked ziti being served on our big day, but in the world of catering that tends to be the norm.

Not trying to sound like a spoiled princess, I made the comment to my parents that I’d like something a little more “upscale” than that (not “expensive” but a little more creative). It’s been difficult (for me) to ask them to pay for some things regarding our wedding – mostly because of the history that I have with my family and money – but more so because I like to prove that I am self-reliant. Even having Garry help out sometimes was difficult for me to accept (although moving to our new apartment in February solved that).

I hunted around on the internet for local catering companies, what kind of food they offer and I was annoyed to find that most of the places had roughly the same menu. Augh. Finally, I found The Lost Dog Cafe.

Lost Dog (as we all affectionately call it) has been one of my favorite local restaurants since I can remember. It’s once of those places that’s fun, ecclectic and honestly, I’ve never had a bad meal there. My favorite dish is the Greek Chicken (for dinner) and there are LOADS of sandwiches too. On Friday I had a chicken sandwich with asparagus and sundried tomatoes. *drool* it was really good.

Garry had never experienced the deliciousness that is the food at Lost Dog. There was always one reason or another we never made it down, but finally he got to experience the magic of their food.

(No I wasn’t paid to write this post – their food really is just that good)

To my surprise they also do catering. When I looked over their catering menu I thought I was going to faint! They not only had my Greek Chicken listed as an option, but a whole array of food from varying cultures – there’s Greek, Asian (Thai and Indian), Latin, Americana, Italian, Cajun, Mediterranean.


And you can choose to do tapas, afternoon tea, sit down meals, stations (you can do a few different stations too!) and it’s all so very yummy and delicious.

Just looking over the catering menu gets me drooling and dreaming of stuffing my face full of Greek Chicken the day of our wedding! 😀


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