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We finally got the base cabinet we needed for the kitchen, cut the countertop and secured it in place. While we don’t have miles of countertop in our kitchen it certainly FEELS like we do.

Just having everything on something that’s supposed to be a cabinet is fulfilling.

Sorry I’ve been lax on pictures lately. Everything has been nothing short of hectic between planning a wedding, getting our kitchen (and the rest of our apartment) together and I’m finally making an effort to go back to the gym. Go me!

I started Weight Watchers on Thursday of last week and since then I’ve lost 6.5 lbs. I’m being honest with myself and I really think it’s mostly water weight loss, but it’s better than nothing and frankly at this stage of it I’ll take what I can get – anything to keep me motivated.

My goal is 140 lbs. That’s right in the middle of the healthy weight area for my height and because I have broader shoulders and hips I think that will work well for me. (I’d be slender without looking anorexic)

This morning I weighed myself at 188.5. That’s 48.5 lbs to go – too bad that I probably won’t continue to lose 6 lbs per week! That would make this incredibly easy.

I’m figuring this is what is going to happen:

I’ll lose weight up to 175 fairly easily – probably before the handfasting this September.

175-165 will take probably 2 months.

165-155 will probably take another 2 months.

At that point I’m not sure what I’ll do once I break the 150 mark. That’s a place I haven’t been since college – freshman year of college at that. I can say it will definitely be surreal.

The food on the Weight Watchers plan is actually pretty good. I enjoy cooking and since I’ve been in a cooking rut the last few months this has been helpful.  The portion sizes are a lot smaller than what I’d normally make, but I think so long as I really stick to them (and be okay with not being stuffed full) I’ll be fine.

The last week I’ve been making some pretty tasty meals including:

Tortellini vegetable salad

Asparagus, new potato and chive fritatta

Apple braised chicken – one of my FAVORITES (then again I love to braise anything)

Beef-vegetable pie (which if I brown the beef on the stovetop instead of cooking in the oven it will end up better I think)

Creamy curry pasta primavera – VERY tasty as well

and Wednesday I’m making Grilled ham steak with nectarine salsa

Doesn’t that sound tasty?

For next week I have most of my list prepared:

Chicken tortellini soup

Asian Noodle-Peanut salad

Beef, blue cheese and spinach quesadillas w/ Tex-Mex rice and bean casserole

Tofu and snow pea stir fry

Dijon Pork Cutlets

Baked Mac and cheese w/ broccoli

Japanese noodles w/ garlic toasted tofu

Huevos Rancheros

Cincinnati Chicken chili (one of my favorites kinds of chili!)

So far Garry has really liked the food. I’ve asked him to go on the diet with me, well not really “with” me, but not to buy junk food and bring it in the house or leave wrappers in the car. He can eat whatever he feels for lunch (although I’m nudging him to eat reasonably healthy lunches) but for dinner he’ll eat what I cook and in the portion I give him (and NOT complain that the portion is too small – that’s key).

What will be nice is when he will learn to cook that way too. Whenever he cooks the portions are ENORMOUS (at least double) and again, no surprise that we are where we are. He’s gained some weight since moving home a year ago and I’d like to see him lose some weight as well.


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And by “it” I mean the extra 50lbs of flab sporatically attached to my body.

I love food, and I’ll be honest, as of the last few months I’ve been pretty reluctant to actually cook a meal that was anything close to interesting. I’ve tacked on another 10lbs so now I’m sitting at 195lbs. Some people say I carry it well, I say that’s a load of balogna.

With our wedding coming next year I have been nothing short of frantic to lose this weight. I know it just doesn’t come off overnight, but I feel like a scared chihuahua running in circles and yipping pathetically about being worried I’ll look like a beached beluga whale on my wedding day.

So I joined Weight Watchers.

I’m counting it as part of my wedding budget – because at $40 a month it’s not cheap. We’ll see if it works, but at the very least I’ll have some more exciting meals coming.

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Ooooh it was really good folks. At first I was a little wary that it might be a little odd tasting (honey and broccoli?) but it was really good… like Chinese food kind of good. Mmmm… Tonight is CLN and I’m making Taco Salad. YUM! It’ll be good! I’m wondering what everyone else is bringing?…

 Today I get to pick up my book! YAY! I’m really excited about it! It’s called Virgin Mother Crone and it’s about pre-hellenic Hera and how the matriarchal society that worshipped her was overcome by the patriarchal society of Olympian (read: Zeus) worship. Hera’s following was so great that the patriarchs couldn’t convince them to abandon her (she was considered a triple goddess by these people) so in order to justify Zeus’ power – the myth says that Zeus raped Hera and then they were married.

It wasn’t that Hera was a spiteful shrew – I can imagine most of us would be pretty pissed off if our siginificant other’s cavorted about impregnating anything with two legs – so I don’t fault her on that. It was a patriarchal society that villified her in order to gain control over the masses. See, they even used religion for control back in the old days.

But this book has a lot of research on pre-hellenic Hera and how she was worshipped in her original form – as a triple goddess. I’m very excited to read it!

Last night Garry and I cleaned the house like mad for when people come over today. Still got a bit to do – but not too much. A few dishes and mop the floors. I doubt people will be venturing into my bedroom or Garry’s office.

It’s nice when the apartment is nice and clean. I’m looking forward to repainting the living room and dining room. I realized we have WAY too many colors going on and I’d like it to feel more cohesive.

OH! Something else – check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSxQN2E_FPM&feature=PlayList&p=43D6F41398C168BC&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1

OMG SO MUCH HOTTNESS!!!! It’s like watching Chris Issak sing Wicked Game… *drool*

I think I’m going to change gym memberships here soon. I currently am a member at Planet Fitness. While I like the facility – there is never anywhere to park when I want to go. Sure it’s open 24 hours a day, but the other 23 hours I’m not there must be empty because EVERYONE seems to be there right at 4pm when I want to be there.

So I’m thinking of joining Court Jester – which is the gym to be a member of around here. They have a pool, sauna, hottub, plus a TON of classes. I think it would be good to swim. I’ve been feeling the need to swim lately. It’s $28 a month – only about $10 more a month. Not bad. I think it’s worth it! Plus there’s two locations so if one is full I can always go to the other one. Not a bad idea huh? That’s what I thought. I need to lose like 40 – 50 lbs. Seriously – it’s not cool – and I don’t want to yo-yo anymore on it and I don’t want to end up on a plateau at 160 like last time. Oh, and I’d like to do it by the end of the year. Yeah, I know – that means 2lbs a week. Whee.

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I don’t remember ever watching the movie The Jerk all the way through, but there are some fantastic lines from that movie that I use in daily life.

Usually when something that I’ve been waiting to happen for a LONG time to be finished or to arrive I start running around gleefully saying “The new phonebooks are here!” Even if it has nothing to do with phonebooks new or otherwise.

Today Stoney and Garry are reinstalling the toilet and vanity in the bathroom. Which means by the end of today we will have a functioning bathroom!

Also my favorite series is when he’s grabbing things from the house and goes on this rant “…and this lamp… And that’s ALL I NEED!” and then “Okay, this lamp, this book and this pillow and that’s ALL I NEED!” (or something like that, I don’t remember the exact items other than the lamp). That’s how it is when I start making my list for home decor shopping (you know EVERY time I move). “$700 later… and that’s ALL I NEED!”


Last night was our ladies’ night and it was more of a venting session than anything else. There are a multitude of things I could say on this subject, but if it’s one thing I’ve learned over the last nearly 10 years of blogging (in one form or another) people will read it and find out. People will get upset and what you thought was freedom of expression on your blog (so why read it if you’re going to get upset?) still, sometimes those things are best left off the internet and written in a notebook that hidden in your night stand or in a locked Word file. Not out on the internet.

Our group is under duress with the loss of our friend Karl on Friday and people are grieving. For the most part, I’m trying to stay out of that conversation. Death, funerals, memorials and the like… I can’t say I don’t know how to deal with them, I’d just rather grieve and deal on my own. I don’t find anything wrong with that.

Another noted point of yesterday, I found out the dress I’m drooling over at David’s Bridal (okay, so what I know I’m not engaged yet!) is on sale for $250. Now, every instinct in me says “BUY IT!” because where am I going to find a gorgeous dress for $250? Well, the problem is, folks, I’m fat. I’m 180 lbs. There I said it. At best I can hope to be at my goal of 140 by June 10th. Chances are good it will be more like October… or you know… never.

So I went back to this website I found a long time ago that tracked calories and what not, but they moved everything over to www.livestrong.com. If you’re on a diet, or even if you’re not they have some great info on recipes, stress management and general lifestyle management. Right now I’m using the calorie and fitness tracker on the MyPlate section of the site. What I do is fill in what I plan on eating all day (including my work out) and then stick to it. Then if I did something differently then I go back and edit the next morning. Honestly, it makes me feel accountable and instead of trying to remember every crumb of food I’ll just ask myself “Did I put this on MyPlate?” if I don’t know then I’ll hold off.

The best part about MyPlate is that you can type in brands of food (they have a good selection of Wegman’s foods on there which is awesome since I buy all my groceries from there) and it includes not only your calories, but all of the important dietary information as well. I was honestly surprised at how much cholesterol I was eating (I eat a lot of eggs) and how much protien I was eating in a day (almost 200% of the daily recommended amount). In the mean time, my sodium, carbohydrates and fat were all under the target. However, I realized that my Slim Fast bars and shakes contain a LOT of sugar and is what is putting me over the recommended amount every day.

The nutrition calculator helps me make smarter decisions on what low-calorie foods to eat.

There is also the option of entering your own calories if something doesn’t come up on the list. That is helpful for some homemade meals that you don’t really know all the nutritional content of.

My biggest problem is guesstimating my calories for dinner. As much as I love Rachael Ray, I would love her even more if she included this information in her recipes either on her website or in her cookbooks. It would make a lot less work for me. At this point I’m relegated to just adding the ingredients to MyPlate and seeing what comes it from that.

I’ve also learned that ladies’ night is dangerous. WAAAY too much tempting yummies and no time to go to the gym. Granted, I make up for it the rest of the week, but still. Ugh. I need to get to 140 lbs.

I made Lion’s Head on Sunday and Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops on Monday and both were fantastic. I’m so bad about posting at home (you know, where I have the cookbook) so I’m sorry I don’t have photos/recipes up yet. I promise! This is still (mostly) a cooking blog!

Here’s the Lion’s Head. Doesn’t that look yummy? They’re basically meatballs with soy sauce cooked over cabbage. The recipe called for Napa cabbage, but there was already red cabbage shredded at the store so I decided to go with that instead. Plus, I like purple. 😀

Tonight I’m making Chicken Cutlets in Warm Cranberry Salsa. I think they should’ve been turkey cutlets, but they apprently don’t have turkey cutlets at Wegman’s so I picked up some chicken ones instead. Should be tasty though! I love a good tasty chicken!

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